Many houses in Central Florida are built on a concrete slab foundation, which consist of a thick layer of concrete, which is usually poured on a bed of gravel. Sewer lines and water pipes are installed under this foundation before the slab is poured.

There are many reasons why a concrete slap can leak or even burst, resulting in structural damage, high water bills and a potential health hazard.

Over time the hot Florida weather can cause the soil to shift, putting a strain on pipes and plumbing systems resulting in leaks.

Copper pipes react with the chemicals in the water which can cause pinhole leaks.

The water supply going into your home or business is pressurized and over time can make the pipes vulnerable to leaks or breaks.

Poor or inadequate construction plays a big role with water leaks. Instead of copper, some newer constructions have pex lines which are left exposed to rodents,who can chew small holes in them.

Soil and sand are permeable to water, creating rust in older pipes, which makes them more susceptible to leaks.

If left untreated slab leaks can compromise the integrity of the foundation and eventually your home or business, not to mention the health issues from the mold and mildew.

Slab leaks can be difficult to locate. Symptoms may include a noticeable high water bill, a sudden drop in water pressure, damp flooring, constant hissing or the sound of running water, cracks in the foundation and mold in the walls.

There is no doubt a slab leak can cause significant property damage and health issues, which is why professional leak detector is necessary. At Orlando’s Leak Doctor we use the latest technology in electronic equipment to save you time and money without the destruction and mess of ripping up the foundation.

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